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The Forum at Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church (TVUUC) in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Monuments Around the World -- Peace Monuments.

Monuments Around the World -- Fredom & Liberty Monuments.

Monuments Around the World -- International Friendship Monuments.

Monuments Around the World -- Peace & Friendship Monuments Connected to Rotary International. (NB: This webpage is is supported by the Rotary Global History Fellowship (RGHF) in Pueblo, Colorado.)

Monuments Around the World -- Monuments Related to the Atomic Bomb & to Atomic Power.

The International Friendship Bell in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) & Green Power Switch (GPS).

Largest Power Companies in the United States.

Examples of Corporate Abuse.

Trip to Colorado, June 16-July 3, 2008.

History of Auchindrain, a communal tenancy in Argyle/Argyll, Scotland.

History of Campbell Park, Pentwater & Vicinity, Oceana & Mason Counties, Michigan.

Histories of 55 Famous Communitarians.

1881 Family History -- Pulver/Snider: Ancestors & descendants of Edward Franklin (Ed) PULVER [1854-1936] and Ohio Estella SNIDER [1860-1941] who were married May 26, 1881, in Piper City, Ford County, Illinois, USA.

1892 Family History -- Campbell/Jameson: Ancestors & descendants of George Alexander CAMPBELL [1869-1943] and Luna May (May) JAMESON [1869-1940] who were married December 20, 1892, in Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa, USA.

1903 Family History -- Lollis/Stevenson: Ancestors & descendants of William Montray (Will) LOLLIS [1870-1923] and Georgia Angeline STEVENSON [1879-1915] who were married December 24, 1903, in Roachdale, Putnam County, Indiana, USA.


International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP), Professor Peter van den Dungen (general coordinator), Bradford, England.

"Peace Movement Directory: North American organizations, programs, museums and memorials" (2001) by James Richard Bennett, McFarland & Company.

"Monuments: America's History in Art and Memory" (2007) by Judith Dupre, Random House.

"A Traveller's Guide to the Civil Rights Movement: State-by-state listings of the museums, monuments, and historic landmarks in the South (2004) by Jim Carrier, Harcourt Books.

"Arts & Crafts Design in America: A state-by-state guide" (1998) by James Massey & Shirley Maxwell, Chronicle Books.

Rotary Peace & Friendship Monuments, Rotary Global Hisory Fellowhip (RGHF). Webpage initiated but not maintained by EWL.

"The Billionaire's Vinegar: The mystery of the world's most expensive bottle of wine" (2008) by Benjamin Wallace, Crown. Includes mentions of EWL.

"From Legacy to Hope: UUA Launches Justice Consultancy on 40th Anniversary of the Murders of Civil Rights Crusaders [in Selma, AL]", UU News & Events, Boston, March 11, 2005. Includes photo by EWL of Rev. Clark Olson.